Unconventional & Humorous Sculptures by Sergio Gomez

Unconventional & Humorous Sculptures by Sergio Gomez

Dallas-based artist Sergio Garcia creates simple, yet surreal moments within his sculptures, often incorporating realistic hands that are paused in the act of forming a bubble, or spray painting a wall. In one sculpture in particular, By Any Means, a miniature hand reaches out from a pencil’s eraser as it is being sharpened, almost as if to stop the mechanism in which the utensil is trapped.

“I have always enjoyed the use of the unconventional as a base for my artwork,” says Garcia in an artist statement. “I enjoy creating art that people can relate to and that stimulates the creative subconscious. Not only to create an emotional relationship between art and viewer, but to conjure up questions of how and why. It is this desire to create a connection with the viewer that fuels my creativity.”

Another matter is bicycles. These surreal bcycle that are out of the forms we know are photographed very well.

You can see more work form the artist on his Instagram and website.

mini trike0054.jpg