RED DOLLS Toy Design by 52 FACTORY

St.Petersburg based 52 FACTORY is a designer family, inventing and creating special items. Designed by Nasya Kopteva and Sasha Braulov, the RED DOLLS toy design has traditional Russian patterns and a wonderful graphic effect.

The collection of doll-toys emerged following the study of forms and symbols intrinsic to traditional Russian toys from the standpoint of semantic and visual correlation (or rhyming rather) with Russian avant-garde artists graphic works.

9 objects generated by us in this experiment with traditional and avant-garde images, emphasize the sole origin of the fabric patterns of 1920-1930 and key symbols present in old Russian toys and Russian architecture, painting and literature, all inherited from the ancient Slavic culture characters (sun, water, earth, etc.).

The re-interpreted traditional forms were ornated with prints based on textile and graphic works of avant-garde artists Varvara Stepanova, Lyubov Popova, Alexander Rodchenko, Ilya Chashnik and Kazimir Malevich.