Big City Lion by Julia Marie Werner

German photographer Julia Marie Werner found a scruffy homeless dog hunting for scraps of food in her garage in Spain. While other people saw nothing but a homeless mutt, she saw a brave little lion, and she now wants the world to share her vision with this heartwarming series of photographs. The cute canine model is named Tschikko Leopold von Werner, and the project is called Grossstadtlowe, which means “Big City Lion”.

5 years ago on a photoshoot in spain, I found a little homeless dog looking for food. I gave him the Name “Tschikko Leopold von Werner” and took him back to Germany. From day one I noticed that he looks like a lion with his bright eyes and the color of his hair. I made him a mane und I started to portrait him in various landmarks around Hamburg, my adopted home. Now, Tschikko Leopold von Werner, is conquering the city as the famous GROSSSTADTLÖWE (english translation: big city lion)