The Simple Aesthetics Of MSDS Studio
Working in the fields of interior, furniture and lighting design, Canadian studio MSDS produces minimalist pieces that perfectly combine contemporary shapes with authentic materials.

Jonathan Sabine and Jessica Nakanishi, the creators behind MSDS, are involved in the wide range of projects. Staying true to the principles of good design and the heritage of craftsmanship, they produce not only tasteful objects, but also design interiors. They have recently gathered a broad media attention for designing Shopify’s office in Toronto. While representing a contemporary vision, MSDS sticks to the traditional craftsmanship and often finds inspiration in the past. For instance, the chair from the ‘The Source Materials’ collection is based on a design from the 17th century. “For the most part, we’re using old production methods […] But the whole thing is facilitated and embellished by newer technology” the designers explain. With such an approach, MSDS manages to create innovative pieces that stand the test of time. (via Ignant)

All images © courtesy of MSDS