L'ultimo Dio (The last God) by Lamberto Teotino

Rome based artist Lamberto Teotino is specialised in the visual arts, where his investigation is mainly developed by analyzing the nature of the image and its perceptual mechanisms. The use of photography, technical and conceptual actions using archival images, employing a philosophical approach to the image in the form of visual installations are the main features of his work. To the artist what matters is the dissemination of meaning, paradox, the conditions of perceptive alteration and a new conceptual design. 
L'ultimo Dio (The last God) is a project which explores the psychological aspects of the individual, a work on human consciousness, examining ontological and anthropological principles, analyzing the depth of the self as being self-consciousness and introspection related to processes such as the intellect proves to be the main place where it produces insight which is also the basic principle of knowledge, above reason, which simply acts as a tool and shows an intuitive and universal order.