Lumio Lamp Design by Max Gunawan

Lumio lamp takes a familiar form -of a book- and creates a mesmerizing sculptural light when it's open. The user has the ability to endlessly adapt its shape to meet their changing needs. It has a minimalist design with durable water resistant Tyvek pages containing high-performing LED. Today Lumio has been covered in publications from the wall street journal to gq, featured in new york city’s museum of modern art design store, and named one of the “top 10 most innovative crowdfunded companies” by entrepreneur magazine. 

Max Gunawan spent 10 years as an architect before launching Lumio, named one of the "Top 10 Most Innovative Crowdfunded Companies" by Entrepreneur magazine in 2013. His work employs minimal and cleanline design, and centers around optimizing the use of small spaces. Gunawan has been covered by numerous publications from The Wall Street Journal to the New York Times, and recently spoke at TEDx conference. Born in Jakarta, Gunawan is currently based in San Francisco.