Stitching Artworks by Various Artists

Stitching Artworks by Various Artists

Stitching artworks of 11 artists exhibited at the Robert Mann Gallery in New York, Curated by artist Orly Cogan. The effect is beautifully stunning and ominous, heightening the subjects’ forgotten identities with greater mystery. Some of artists name are; Jessica Wohl, Diane Meyer, Flore Gardner, Jose Romussi and Melissa Zexter.

Jessica Wohl, White Mask, 2012 @ Jessica Wohl

Jessica Wohl, Sillouettes, 2011 @ Jessica Wohl

Diane Meyer, Spree Park, Former DDR Amusement Park, 2013 @ Diane Meyer

Diane Meyer, Former Guard Tower off Puschkinallee, 2013 @ Diane Meyer

Flore Gardner, Rain, 2014 @ Flore Gardner

Flore Gardner, Chiasmus, 2012 @ Flore Gardner

Jose Romussi, Alla Schellest (Dance 13), 2012 @ Jose Romussi

Jose Romussi, Diane Adams (Dance 1), 2012 @ Jose Romussi

Melissa Zexter, Blizzard, 2013 @ Melissa Zexter